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Concierge Real Estate Closings

Purchasing a home will be one of the single largest monetary investments
of your life. Don’t settle for just anyone. Asbury Legal, LLC is a boutique firm
with the resources, experience, and connections to deliver
“big agency” results.

We provide Real Estate Settlement Services, Real Estate Title Insurance and
Closing Services for commercial and residential properties. We perform
closings on purchases and refinances.  Our Concierge Closing Services
give you peace of mind during the closing process. Our clients find that we
provide greater agility, competitive prices and superior personal service.

Asbury Legal, LLC has successfully handled hundreds of real estate closings. 

Make sure you have the advice of legal counsel representing your interests,
and not the interests of others. Due to our extensive experience in real estate
law, the firm is highly qualified to handle all aspects of the
real estate transaction. 

Personal Injury
Civil Litigation
Estate Planning

Whether you find your company as the party contemplating the lawsuit, or whether you have been accused of causing the alleged damage, Asbury Legal can protect your hard earned work and reputation. Our firm does more than simply fight legal battles, we take a holistic approach to each case and determine how our legal strategies affect the bottom line. We will work with closely your company’s executives to determine the best weapons to employ from our legal arsenal. Our firm stands shoulder to should with you in the courtroom, protecting your company from business competitors, disgruntled employees, and other threats. 

  -- Shareholder/Management Disputes
  -- Employment Litigation
  -- Intellectual Property Disputes
  -- Corporate Spying
  -- Insurance Litigation
  -- Breach of Contract

While no amount of money can replace your body’s health and well being, our firm strives to right the wrongs caused by negligent and reckless behavior. Whether injured due to negligence on another's property or in an automobile accident, all injuries to a person deserve legal attention. For more information about specific aspects of personal injury, contact us today. If you or a loved one has been hurt, you should immediately schedule a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys,

        -- Auto and Truck Accidents
        -- Train Accidents
        -- Boating Accidents
        -- Wrongful Death
        -- Premises Liability

From a financial perspective, retaining an attorney to help organize and manage your affairs is not only prudent, it can help save you thousands of dollars. Many estates are heavily taxed, and an experienced attorney is necessary to help get maximum tax benefit. We're there to help you deal with a variety of legal matters. This includes, but is not limited to, setting up trusts, naming successors to your business, and putting together a will that clearly outlines division of your assets. We also formulate legally binding living wills, ensuring that your wishes are heard should you become unable to make your own decisions regarding your care.  Life is uncertain, and we espouse the belief that estate planning helps people of all ages to make certain their final wishes are heard.

  -- Closely Held Businesses
  -- Income Shifting
  -- Wealth Protection
  -- Estate Taxation

Breach of Contract 

When a business agreement is in dispute, a good attorney in your corner makes a world of difference. Our firm not only has experience reading and drafting contracts, we also have the capability to lobby on your behalf. We have represented multiple companies overcome conflicts during contract negotiations. For individuals, we specialize in drafting and reviewing contracts in the sports and entertainment industry.  Call in Asbury Legal to resolve your contract disputes.

-- Mergers & Acquisitions
-- Time and Material Contracts
-- Entertainment Contracts
-- Consignment Agreements

-- Employment Agreements
-- Buy/Sell Agreements

Incorporations and LLC Formations

Starting a new business is never easy, and many legal disputes arise as a result of improper business formations. Asbury Legal helps protect your business from its inception. Our firm not only forms your new business, we also offer guidance and provide ideas to help your new business grow.  Asbury Legal helps you find financing, negotiate contracts, and issue shares. At Asbury Legal, we outline the various types of business formations and guide you on the correct path to decrease liability.

-- Articles of Incorporation
-- Bylaws and Minutes
-- Corporate Finance
-- Operating Agreements

​Wills and Trusts

While virtually every person understands the need for a will, the sad reality is that nearly 60% of Americans leave behind confusion and discord over which loved ones will inherit the estate's assets. Without a will, there is no way for your voice to be heard, and your instructions and wishes may go unfulfilled. Also, many Americans mistakenly believe that they have no use for a trust. A living trust, for instance, is a trust established during your lifetime. It is revocable, which allows for you to make changes. You’ve invested so much into your life.  Why not protect what you have gained?

  -- Simple Wills
  -- Medical Directives
  -- Power of Attorney
  -- Burial Planning

Asbury Legal, LLC


                1870 The Exchange Suite 200-465

                              Atlanta, GA 30339

​Main:   678-829-6259
Direct: 678-829-6287

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